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September 7, 2010 / rneefe

Westhaven/New Directions Wins Team Building Challenge

At Portsmouth’s Annual Teacher Wellness Day, three teams competed for the reigning champion of the STARBASE Lunar Nuclear Reactor Challenge.  During the competition held last Thursday (September 2, 2010)  teams from Olive Branch/Simonsdale, Westhaven/New Directions, and Craddock/IRC all worked quickly and smoothly to move four cans from the center of the reactor to the outside.  Of course this is all a mock up reactor so there was no danger from the radioactivity.  The Lunar Nuclear Challenge is the same team building challenge that 6th grade students use when they attend STARBASE Victory for their 4 day rocket and aeronautics camp where students find that Team building is an integral part of STARBASE’s curriculum.  This year’s winner is Westhaven/New Directions with a best time of 29.2 seconds.

Here are the times

School Trial 1 Time (min) Competition Time (min)
Olive Branch/ Simonsdale 1:12.4 0:49.5
Westhaven/ New Directions 0:29.2 0:36.0
Cradock/ IRC 1:11.5 0:37.1
August 18, 2010 / rneefe

STARBASE Victory Welcomes You

We are here!